Hey guys I've got an epiphone les paul custom in silverburst and was looking for some low profile black strap locks.. Anyone know of any that aren't so obvious?
Cheers haha
I prefer Dunlop Dual Design. I feel like they stay on better than the ones that slide on (these press in). $12
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Schaller strap locks. There really isn't any others worth considering.

They run about $15.


Got them on my Gibson LP.
Anyone care to explain how the Schaller ones work? I'll probably get some of them but just wanna know how easy they go on and come off.. Cheers
You replace the strap buttons on your guitar with the specially designed ones that come with the straplocks, then screw the other part into the holes on your straps with the opening facing up. When you want to play, you just slide the button into the straplock and it clicks into place.
Awesome.. Do you guys have experience with them slipping out? Just read a bunch of people complaining about it on another forum
Sometimes the Schaller screws are too thin for the old holes. It's not a big deal though. You slice up some wooden matchstick longitudenal in about quarters. dip the slithers in normal PVA woodglue and gently tap in as many as you caan. Trim them off flush, I use wire cutters (sidecutters). Let dry overnight. Screw in the Schaller screws. You don't even need to drill it, the Schaller screw will just tap its way in.
I've done it to heaps of guitars and some are still in there 30 years later.
On some guitars the screw will fit straight in. Sometimes just using the longer screws they provide is enough. I've done both with success. I've got them on everything.

The black chrome ones are quite nice but I'd try to match you hardware. Depending on your guitar and strap these are pretty nice.

They have a really nice finish regardless of what you choose. They won't detract from the look of your guitar, they're obviously quality kit.
Personally I'd go for whatever hardware you currently have. So gold or silver I'm guessing. Both are very purty.

They've got a few finishes:
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I have personally never had one slip out. If you put the "sleeves" on the strap in correctly, they support the entire weight of the guitar without putting stress on the part that clips in.

I'd like to see that forum post.
The Les Paul specific forum.... Not sure if I'm aloud to post it haha. The hardware is chrome and my guitar is finished in silverburst but I'd rather have black or those black chrome ones just not to break up the black around the outside of the body unless it'll look better with chrome? Not too sure about how it'd go
I installed Schaller locks in my HM Strat in 1988 and never had any sort of problems I add thread lock to the nut on the strap end. All of my Ibanez' had to have the old toothpick trick applied. And yeah, picked up a set of the ruthenium locks for my s5470, they look snazzy.
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this thread's going to dissolve into cath and i arguing about dunlops and schallers.

bottom line, i've never had problems with dunlops, and he's never had any problems with schallers.
Mean they probably look the nicest too. Do you think super glue would be okay to use if I need to do the toothpick thing or would it do some sort of ****ed up reaction?
I use Dunlop, I can't say whether one or the other is better but I've never had any problems with Dunlop, I have had them on every guitar I've owned (8+)
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TS, The Dunlop strap locks are low profile. They look great.

However in my experience the Schallers are better locks. I used to use the Dunlops exclusively, til one of them slipped and my guitar almost became very friendly with the ground. Tried Schaller out after that just to see if there was a difference, and so far there have been no incidents.
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I've got Schallers and Dunlops fitted to my Jazz and TBird respectively. The Dunlops are low profile the Schallers aren't and you have to remove the strap to fit the bass into the case. Not a big deal but the dunlops are lower profile.

I've had no problems with the Dunlops at all, mine lock in really positively with the Schallers the nut that locks the fitting onto the strap works loose over time, fine if you notice but it always happens at a difficult moment of course. The dunlops fit to the strap with a circlip and this is easier and just better.

Neither is bad but I'm only going for Dunlops in the future.
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this thread's going to dissolve into cath and i arguing about dunlops and schallers.

bottom line, i've never had problems with dunlops, and he's never had any problems with schallers.

I think the Schaller design is better but I have two sets of both.
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