I'v had major writers block on lyrics for couple months now. Finally got some lyrical ideas. My band has couple songs that lack lyrics, so i gave it a go. I haven't written much lyrics before.

It's not constructed yet. I just wrote this in 15mins on piece of paper.

I am an organism
My shadow follows me
Walking on a sideline
Confused and crippled

Learning what's this all about
For a while the concrete course is long
So blank and confounded

Killing one, killing two
Obscurity is present too
The pain in my head
Is too much real

Flying through the turbulence
Hoping to crash

I once had a dream
A dream much too real
Now it's just a memory
Can memories die too?

Reflection on the mirror
Seems so scary
I don't know who i am
Or who i was

Who really want's to change
Who really want's to move on
To move outside your comfort zone
Cold hand grabs me
Takes my shadow off
Takes my burden