So here's the situation,
I play guitar in a 3 piece rock band and we just recently meet with I'm going to say a producer who was interested in our sound and wanted to help us get to the next level to get our stuff to the right people. Docent mean anything but it shows that the project has some promise. So we talked to him at cactus club and he is going to be coming out to our next show.

The thing is I really don't want to be in this band anymore...

It's hard because I can see the music being moulded into something interesting but I really don't see it getting there.

We have creative differences. (musically and creatively)
They are hard to work with. (Not an honest creative environment)
I feel like they are holding my ideas back.
I don't think there truly serious about it. (There more like hobby musicians)
Very unorganized.
So I want out.

But there is more,
I just joined a new band that is a now 4 piece instrumental punk/math rock band. Iv'e only been to one practice and a meeting and I do like the vibes in this band more. I like the music more in this band and the direction of the band. It's a organized, honest, and strait forward environment too which I like.
But I've only been to one practice so I don't want to just jump on it incase they don't like my sound.

So we have a show next week and none booked after so I think I should make this soon. I will feel guilty and I work with one of them. Im going to see how I feel after the next new band's practice, Soooo.

I need some advice on how to brake up with this old band.
"Hey guys, I don't feel like being in the band anymore"

"What?! Why?!"

"Well, we have creative differences and we don't really click as much as we used to. Don't worry, I'll play the next show, but it'll be my last."

That's what I did

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Stick both out if you can. If the old band develops into something you dont like, then youll have the other band to fall back onto, if the new band takes off, then drop the other band.
You'll be pretty bummed out though if your old band starts getting somewhere and you dropped out.
Thats just from bitter personal experience anyways
It's just a drop in the biggest ocean I know I've ever seen
And in a moment it's big enough to drown the whole world...
Don't lie about the reasons. I'm in two bands, and the drummer of one band decided to quit because the singer (and band leader) was too bossy. He told us he didn't like making music anymore, which was bs. It didn't really strenghten the friendship, so I wouldn't lie if I were you.
Don't quit without first talking about your problems. That would be just stupid. You need to talk about your problems with the other band members. Otherwise they'll be like WTF?

I would actually stay in the band because of the producer thing.

You can also play in two bands.
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Stay in both bands and see what happens. If this guy is really going to introduce you to some legitimate creative industry types then stick around for a bit and see what happens, you could learn a lot and make some valuable connections.