Ok.. so I am new here . i do not know where exaxtly to post this. I need a six strings pack for a Jackson DX10D. I play thrash metal and Death metal. I have at my shop Fender ,Dunlop, Ernie Ball, Gibson. I want to to know more exacly what measure I need for the strings like 0.09-0.52. Thank you in advance.
Amon Amarth, Deathklol, Cannibal Corpse...Another problem would be that i have a floyd rose and after i tune ..lets say in bariton..After i tune it it detunes and just after it hit the frets it stays. i do not have a problem with this but after 12 fret of the 1 string al of the frets sound the same. An i thouth that i need to change the strings. Thank you for the reply
You need to re-adjust your floyd after changing the strings. It's a real process. I did it a few months ago after putting in new pickups. Look for videos on how to do it.
Also, I am guessing english is not your first language.
Best way of figuring out is to find out what tuning you are using first. Once you figure that out, find a string tension chart (d'addario has one off their website). The tension chart will give you a rough idea of what you should probably be using depending on what you want for tension. You also need to take into consideration your scale length. A shorter scale guitar (gibson) needs more tension than say, a fender strat.
I use Ernie Ball "Beefy" Slinkys which actually state on the packet "Optimal for Detuning" I can go to Drop B (the lowest I go) and they're loose but still playable, at that stage they feel like having .009 in standard tuning, saying that though I usually play in drop C# and I like them, they're not too heavy and not too light. personally I hate .009 i hate the way the strings in the set feel on my fingers they feel too thin and way too lose even in standard
Thanks for all the replays. I am gonna buy Ernie Ball "Beefy" Slinkys and readjust the floyd. I found on the internet how but i am going to a music shop for this and yes, ebglish is not my firts language and in that moment i was playing some games.
I think this is one of those situations where you absolutely need multiple guitars. Floyds, as you notice, are not made for changing tunings on a whim. A new guitar with fixed bridge and 12-60 strings kept strictly on C to B tunings would be ideal.

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