I've been playing an acoustic for more than two years now, and figured I'd get an electric too, as I like playing metal, hard rock, punk, etc.

I've narrowed down my choices to the following two guitars (cheap ones,I know ) :

1) Ibanez RGR321EX-BK :


2) Ibanez RGA42-BK :


Both the guitars feature a 'Gibraltar' standard fixed bridge.

I have been dying to try them out, but to no avail, as I am in a remote town in India, and the shops around me don't normally stock these guitars, and would only get them on order.

-> Also, the RGA42 has 'CAP-LZ' active pickups, Ibanez's proprietary active pickups, which supposedly has better cleans and muddier distortions than EMGs.

Anyone know if they're any good, especially for a first time electric user?
My concern primarily is that active pickups supposedly sound a little sterile and lack personality, and also their dynamic range is somewhat narrow as compared to a passive pickup. Is it so?

-> Moreover, I was also concerned about the lack of a tone knob on the RGA. Would the accompanying 'Active EQ' compensate for that?

-> The body woods on the two are also different.

The RGR has a Basswood body with passive INF infinity (passive) pickups, whereas, the RGA has a Mahogany body with CAP-LZ (active) pickups. Both have HH configuration.

I'd like to play the likes of psychedelic rockers like Jimi Hendrix and David Gilmour, and also metal shredders like Kirk Hammett, Herman Li, Darrell Abbott and the likes (or my humble version of them anyways ).

If anyone could address my above stated concerns, I'd be much obliged.

Thanks in advance.
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