How in-depth do your songs need to be before you meet with a producer to go over them?
A producer's job isn't to babysit your songwriting process. A producer's job is to produce a good recording, which is why a producer is called a producer. You should have the whole thing written, practiced, and ready to record before you enter the studio.
Agreed with Cavalcade. There are times when a producer does contribute in the songwriting process, but this is usually after he or she has worked with an artist/group before and has been "brought into the fold" so to speak, beyond merely directing the recording process; or the artist/group has a well-established sound that the producer can guide songwriting/arranging ideas towards. And these groups generally already have a mountain of material that the producer is merely helping to hone into the best possible songs for the best possible album.
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Yeah, like the other guys said it should be 100% complete in your opinion, but remember to keep an open mind for accepting suggestions of improvement.
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