Hey there everybody.

I practice guitar about 6 hoursish a day, sometimes 4. last hour or so is devoited to theory studying.

I've been trying to better my tremolo picking lately and thats ALL i've been practicing lately for 4 hours....and I still need to better my gallops because they suck too. and i'm in a metal band (go figure) and I also want to practice little speed licks I pickied up off of youtube and legato to realse more tension in my fretting hand...uggh.

How can I divide my practice time up during the coarse of a week for all this stuff?
The most important thing in practicing is that you imagine the sound you want, and then you actualize the sound. I suggest that you devote half your practice to technique and the other half to your ear. For technique, find what is comfortable, for the ear, play what you want to hear.
Half of your time you spend practicing SHOULD be spent on practicing new and/or challenging things.
(I.e. so if you play for about 30-60 mins, spend 30-60 mins practicing/learning new stuff. )