I'm a fellow guitar player and I've playing guitar about 5 or 6 years but when I started playing electric guitar my tutor told me that he hasn't seen anybody holding the neck of the guitar like me and eversince I'm really confused about one of the most simple things
I'm not really sure how to hold the neck ,how to put my fingers on the fretboard, and I don't know if I'm bending my knuckles too much or my wrist,...
I'm really confused; Can anyone hook me up with some instructions or give a video link on the net?
Pics of me
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Can't we just stuff all of FP's video's in a sticky for reference? Hell, that'd cover half of all the posts in the Tech forum.

Edit: Ahh, silly me, there has been a sticky for 3 years already entitled "READ THIS STICKY (guide to all techniques)" But yeah, just keep on ignoring that one...
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