I am building a jackson RR style guitar and I really want it to have 3 humbuckers. My only issue is trying to figure out the wiring for it. I am using a 2 vol. 1 tone harness and a LP switch. I want each pickup to play on its own (neck, middle, bridge). Can some one please help?

Not going to work. The LP switch can only be used with 2 pickups. You would need a 5-way switch to use 3 pickups. Or wire in a separate switch or push-pull pot to activate the middle pickup or something?

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Standard LP switches are missing a lug for middle pickup position. They make a 3-pickup 3-way toggle switch for Les Paul Customs, you'd have to get one of those if you want a traditional toggle switch.

EDIT: This is the Switchcraft switch Gibson uses on their LP Customs -- http://www.guitarelectronics.com/product/SWT33-24/Switchcraft-3-Way-Toggle-Switch-for-3-Pickup-Les-Paul.html
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