I play better than when I first first started but seemed to be a bit stuck. Been watching youtube videos but anytime I get lost I revert to aimlessly strumming various chords. Bought rocksmith thinking it would help and spent most of yesterday with it but feel I've stepped backwards. I just want to be able to play some songs for friends. I know its not an easy process but feel I could do with some structure to progress like I feel I should. Any tips?
A year is not that long in the grand scheme of things. Truthfully, none of us who are honest with ourselves are as far along as we would like to be. Just keep trying.

Sometimes if you are not improving it helps to break out of your routine a bit. If you play with a pick switch it up by trying some fingerstyle songs like Dee or something. Or, if you prefer, you could expand your mental capabilities by learning some new scale forms or finding new places on the neck to play things you already know in another position. One thing that really helps me is trying to exercise my ear to pick out songs I never tried to play before.

Learning all these skills may not seem useful at first. Eventually you will see how all of the different things you have learned relate to one another, and you will begin to improve again.

The frustration you are experiencing is common to all guitarists. You will get through it eventually. Good luck
What you're experiencing happens to all guitarists. At some point, you kinda just plateau with your skills. What really helped me was just stepping out of my comfort zone and playing different styles. I play metal and hardcore mostly, so I began to learn jazz and some indie stuff too and it allowed me to expand my talents and gave me a larger skill set I could then apply to the hardcore I love to play. Just keep at it and it will pass in time!
the quickest way out of your rut is to take lessons from a good teacher. Otherwise, is finding some people to jam with. Doing both of these things will shoot you forward in your playing.
Dee is an ozzy osbourne song that Randy Rhoads played on a classical guitar. It's just a song that is a good challenge for people who are just beginning fingerstyle guitar. It just helped me a lot because it was still a cool song to me, but it was written in a very different style from most of what I was playing.

It's pretty challenging at first, but it really forced me to adapt to some new techniques.
The tab on here is pretty good, bu the one listed under Randy Rhoads is better than the one listed under ozzy.
When I get stuck I think it's best just to take a step back from what you're trying to learn. In fact learn something really really easy! Really easy!

Jumping in at the deep end just doesnt work with guitar, at least that's what I think. Buy a book to learn from, with songs or riffs to guide you through your learning. Look for finger exercises to develop your muscles (that's what I find gets me over obstacles).

Learning is a long process but don't give up. Just take your time and break things down into managable chuncks. If you want to learn a song, just learn a few bars. Concentrate on that or else the whole song will overwhelm you. And once that's done, move onto the next bars. Etc.
Hello,I am glad to make friend with you !
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Quote by katalyzt13
the quickest way out of your rut is to take lessons from a good teacher. Otherwise, is finding some people to jam with. Doing both of these things will shoot you forward in your playing.

This is so true,a good teacher can help in so many ways.