I haven't really posted here in a while. Mostly because I can't write past 10 bars, so I thought I'd post some stuff I've made over the months and maybe you can get me on track again.

aiss - short clean thingy whoch not much happening in it, so it might be hard to say anything about it, but it's relatively new so I might as well include it.

djent - not as djenty as the name implies.

faderittan - some sort of prog rock song. Pretty happy with it, but not sure where to take it

inspiratiohn - proggy

progress - lots of key changes and tapping
I really dug inspiratiothn. the other pieces didn't do much for me. I know how it feels to not be able to compose full songs man. Dunno how to get you back on track though
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hey dude, i know exactly what kind of situation you're in. I was like this for the longest time until I met a friend who pushed me to finally finish my ideas. The biggest problem for me, and i assume you too, was criticizing during my creative process. This completely killed my vibe and unmotivated me to write anything past a riff or two.

Just write, write, write. Practice writing full songs rather than riffs! Go with what comes naturally at the time; even if you think it sounds crappy it might lead to another cool riff down the course of the song. A first copy is a song is exactly that. You can always come back and make changes later on. Remember, sweet fruit doesn't come from nothing; you have to plant some kind of seeds for the tree to grow. It's easier when you have a rough draft of a song to work with rather than a riff or two and having no idea where to go from there.

I can't say I've overcome this problem completely but in the past few months I've written more full songs than I have in the past 5 years. Mind you that not all of them were good but I've written a lot material I'm proud of. I listened to your ideas and they were alright. Some of them definitely had potential but you gotta finish them!
I had writers block for about 6 months straight. I had about endless GP's that went for 8 - 16 maybe 32 bars and I didn't really like any of them that much. Some where cool but I had lost the spark in me that knew what to do before I had even done it.

It's depressing but for me I need a healthy life to write good music. I was smoking weed and drinking a lot of beer which is common among musicians so I didn't think anything of it at first but I slowly learned that it had destroyed a lot of my motivation and inspiration for music.

I was actually involved in a bad car accident where I nearly became paralized and while I was in hospital I was so unsatisfied to how I had been living my life. Once i got out I dropped my bad habits and began writing and playing like there was no tomorrow.

What I strongly suggest is that you have a positive healthy mind and body. If music is something you enjoy then you need to practice it constructively by practicing your instrument and always searching for new inspiration. Experiment as much as you can and don't be searching for some mindstate you need to be in to write. If you practice and are healthy you will get hit with the mind state you desire naturally and randomly and when you do it's a wonderful thing.

Hope that inspires you


btw the track inspirationthn is my favourite
I've suffered from writer's block since I began to compose music seriously. I haven't found a "cure" for it but I know what motivates me to write my material: anger/anxiety for grindcore, sadness/depression for post-rock/metal and I don't really know what triggers me to write IDM music, I guess boredom?
The best advice I can give you is to try and find that "trigger": what was on your mind when you wrote your favourite pieces? I know this is fairly basic knowledge but I hope it helps.
I'm going to try to review some of these files, not going to do all of them probably.
Aiss: Nice 6/8 groove going on, the chords are pretty and the drums are groovy. Can you ask for more? The bassline could've been more complex, but then again I'm imagining this as a build up, with the bass starting to solo on the next 16 bars.
faderittan: The odd time sig feel real smooth on this one, a staple of Cheesy's (© material.
Love the drum fills in the intro, and the later drum rolls. The bass work is also very tasteful.
I like the two bars of distortion before returning to the intro. 9/11 is pretty cool, feels groovy. 12 is a pretty neat transition, but it makes the next bars feel a bit empty. Maybe have a lead guitar playing the riff an octave higher or doing some soloing in the backround, or have an acoustic guitar playing the same riffs as the dist. ones. Or maybe I'm just stupid and you wouldn't even feel that on a real recording.
inspiratiothnewhfwef: Great intro. I really love the clean arpeggiated chords with the piano playing them a octave higher, feels very dream-y. The solo is very tasteful. 6 hits me right in the feels. Goddamn that bass fill is preetay. The drums play a subtle groove thoroughly, really like it. The transition from 7/8 to 4/4 also feels very smooth. The distortion then come in aaaand it stops. Sounding good, keep it up.
Progress: nice proggy intro but then it turns really pretty, has an almost post-rock feel. Tasty bass fills at 15/16. I don't have much to say other than keep working on this one for shure.
Some advice that helped me write more ideas for my songs was to write down/record every idea, even the bad ones, especially the bad ones. Very similar to what nikolazjalic said. Then while you're writing it you have a bunch of ideas for a song you can change/delete parts and you'll just have a lot to work with to make the most out of the song.
@CheesyMozarella: Hey, I feel for you man, I would have actually had some stuff up by now but I had to rebuild my computer (took a few weeks getting it all sorted) and now that I'm back at Uni, it's going to be another four months or so before I post anything here (it will happen eventually though). Anyway, I did enjoy all of these except "djent" (chord progression was dull IMO).

I would actually argue you're at the easy part of writing since you have an idea, now you need to expand on it and extrapolate a function. I usually do this by exploring some music I haven't listened to (genre-wise, something way different) or I look up new scales, instruments etc. I also never let anything repeat anymore, think about a direction you want to take the piece in and modify each instrument progressively through each bar so only tiny changes (you want a small rate of change/gradient) happen so that the transitions are smooth and seamless. Another idea is to plan your structure ahead of time and decide the overall musical characteristics of the piece and sections and then fit your template.

One more thing I almost forgot, download some GP5 files of artists you like on UG or find some Western Art Music notation on the internet and do some analysis on it. You will learn things, then you can apply them.

Also, sorry for all the mathematical references, I'm a total nerd if you couldn't tell.

Anyway, I don't know whether you like Melodic Black Metal but this EP by Artefact called Failure is really good:


Maybe you will get as much inspiration from it as I have. Deathspell Omega are also quite creative.
Ok so I listened to everything, i would say my two favorite pieces are Inspiration and Faderittan.
Faderittan : the bassline is great, just as in your "djent" composition. I feel happy someone decides to take care of the bassline, and to actually think about making it tasty.
Inspiration : i think everything has been said on it, very cool intro, the guitar part that starts after is good too, you should finish it, then the... Inspiration will come haha

Overall I have to say it's good to see those good basslines :P