Hey guys,

I've been trying to record my guitar on Ableton but no matter what I do with the Buffer Size, Sample Rate, or anything having to do with latency, the guitar sounds all glitchy, as if it's clipping and just sounding horrible!
There's a big delay as well, I'm using Mobile Pre USB interface, and I have Guitar Rig 5 as well that I'm trying to use with this as well.

I would greatly appreciate some help, thank you!
I think it's your mobile pre usb interface, try these settings to see if it fixes the problem

Go to Audio in preferences:

Audio device---------------------------------------

Driver type: whatever you're using

Audio input device: mobile pre usb interface

Audio Output device: built-in output

Sample rate---------------------------------------

In/Out Sample rate: 44100

Default SR & Pitch conversion: normal


Buffer size: 512 samples

Driver error compensation: 0.00 ms

If that doesn't work close everything down & restart your computer then try again, if the problem persists try using a fresh usb cable, & if it still doesn't work by that point check that your drivers/firmware are up to date.

If none of that works then I'd suggest trying another device, your interface might be shot.
Might want to check with device manufacturer for settings for Ableton.

What are your system specs? If you're running Win7 and are short of 4gb ram the usb will be glitchy.

Lots of other things to look at, such as running programs at the time you try to record. There are recording optimization settings for Win7, you can probably find some good sites for these already exist online.

Other things to take into consideration would be internal hard drive spin rates. If you're on laptop you might be on a slower drive if you record to the internal. I had to use external for mine a few years back as my rates were 4200 rpm (didn't realize at the time) so had to attach external hd at 7200 rpm and that fixed the issue.

Reinstalling audio interface drivers with the latest might also help.