I notice this is very uncommon practice for a lefty to play right handed guitar. However, I have been doing so for many years. I only ask one bit of advice...HOW CAN I PICK FASTER? I can sweep and arpeggio with ease, but the turbo evades me....any thoughts?
It's not an uncommon practice at all. Probably as many lefties play right handed guitars as left handed guitars.
You can ask for advice on how to play more efficiently in here the Guitar Techniques forum.
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I'm A lefty and I use right hand guitars as I find i have more dexterity in my left hand, allowing me to make chord shapes easier, and my right has more endurance
I am also left handed. My first guitar was a right handed Fender acoustic. It was a Christmas present from the folks. You think they would have known I was a lefty...
Anyway, I decided to learn how to play right handed.
I felt I kind of started with an advantage being able to make the chord shapes with my left hand. Now picking was a different story. Both felt awkward because they were new concepts for my hands.
I have held left handed guitars since then, and they feel completely awkward.
Muscle memory is all I can say. It works wonders. Now everything feels like its where its supposed to be.
It sounds like you have a pretty good grasp on playing. So, you should know that by slowing it down, and practicing at a pace where you can play your licks cleanly, will build that muscle memory, and your speed will naturally increase.
Remember that if you practice fast and sloppy, you will always play sloppy. If you slow it down (hard to do when you want immediate results) and play it clean, you will get faster and cleaner.
Pretty obvious advise...I know