So our school wants out band to play a song (we play post-hardcore music) at the school's performing arts night... which is on a stage in front of seated students and parents. I have no idea what we should do in terms of stage presence... we can hardly headbang or jump around, but I don't want to just stand there either.

What have been your experiences playing at such a show in terms of "performing"?
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we can hardly headbang or jump around

And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
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Well I suppose we could, but I feel it would look/feel really awkward to a seated crowd?
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Well I suppose we could, but I feel it would look/feel really awkward to a seated crowd?

The seated crowd would feel awkward, maybe. It's better than just standing there. If people don't like the music, they can appreciate the show. Like KISS.
Acoustic set bro. And then get dem ole lighters out for Freebird at the end.
I used to do these gigs all the same when I was at school, and, I will say, do stuff on stage. Jump, headbang, the lot. Think about this; At a gig normally, everyone is standing, so even if the band stand around, the crowd are free to have fun, start a moshpit, jump or what have you as long as the band play well. If the crowd are seated, then they can't do that, so even if you play well, if you're boring to watch, they're gonna be bored, while you can't get them on their feet, you can put a massive smile on their faces, and, in these kind of shows, they would have had to sit through other kids maybe singing a chart song with an acoustic guitar, hearing a mediocre violin solo, seeing a brass band or something and watching someone sing to a backing track, so those concerts can often be parents sitting there, thinking 'God, when's my child on, this is dragging.' Seeing a group that are clearly happy to be there and working to entertain the audience will really wake them up and make them happy to be there themselves.