I am use my road worn strat connected to the blackstar HT1c (1 watt), set at the clean channel . I generally donot use the overdrive channel of my amp. Instead i plug in my distortion pedal (RAT2/FULTONE GT500/MI CRUNCHBOX) to the amp clean channel, with the gain set around mid point and volume also at midpoint 12 o clock. Once i get the right amount of distortion, i reduce the volume of the amp to the bare minimum audible, but the distortion i set seem to remain at the same level that i had set in through the pedal, only the volume reduces. This gives me any amount sweet distortion i want at a very low volume, which is very good for me when i play at night especially at my home. But, when i turn down the guitar volume knob, it cleans up the distortion beautifully, but not the volume knob of my amplifier. Can somebody please explain this thing? what is going on? what kind of distortion am i achieving?
Sorry for my naive question, i would appreciate any feedback. Thanks in advance.
There's a lot of controversy around the HT series for the solid state components in the signal path and whether or not some of the distortion is provided by diode clipping. There are absolutely clipping diodes in the circuit, but whether in "normal" use they're providing distortion or whether they're to prevent the op-amps being destroyed by tube failures isn't clear. On my HT-1, I can definitely hear it, very slightly, as though right on the edge of the sound, a slightly fuzzy solid stateish clip, if I'm running it at full gain with a slight boost before it. It certainly adds an artificial ceiling to the amount of punishment you can give the preamp tube.

What you're likely doing is producing a degree of SS distortion in the RAT. With the volume fairly low, it might not be quite clipping against the protection clipping diodes on the input stage. The drive channel on the HT1 appears to be a pretty simple clean boost given the sound is identical to the clean channel with the gain down.

The distinction you may be finding however between clean + RAT and cranked gain channel is that the SS distortion from the RAT sounds nicer than the SS distortion caused by those clipping diodes.
Thanks for the reply buddy, so it seems the distortion i am producing is only through the pedal, that is voiced through the amplifier tubes, there is no tubes distortion that i am getting over here. Am i right? like right now, i have the GT500 plugged in infront, i had set the volume at bare audible as usual (i prefer to control the volume through the pedal and my guitar knob), after i turn off the distortion, with the boost part still running (with the same setting), the volume level of the amp drops a lot, even if i crank up the volume up (not as loud as it should be at that volume level), as if the tubes are not heated enough.
yeah if you're plugging into the amp's clean channel and setting it as low as possible and then using the pedal you're getting (solid state) pedal distortion. that'll clean up with the guitar's volume knob just like tube distortion will, so no surprises there.
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Well basically what you do with the volume knob is that you lower the gain. It's as simple as that, the volume on the amp is probably the last component in the chain, so it only affects volume. But the volume knob on your guitar is the first component, so everything else will be affected by turning it down.
Let's pretend you have the gain on your OD at 10, it boosts the signal as much as that pedal can do. Then when you turn down the volume from the guitar, the pedal still boosts the exact same amount, not to the same amount of gain.
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