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So one of my tuning pegs has cracked on my acoustic. I'm not sure what model it is but it's Peavey and has 'Jack Daniel's' Logos on it

I think it either cracked from old age or environmental factors, it's been awfully cold lately and we have no heating at my house.

So, how can I go about repairing or replacing the peg?
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You can't really repair the peg. You could try some "Crazy glue" if it's just the plastic knob that split. No guarantees as to longevity of the repair.

Peavey is good about repair parts though, and you could just dial them up and ask. The number is on their website:

As far as replacing the tuning machine goes, that's a piece of cake. just loosen the nut on the post under the strings, and remove the tiny wood screw on the back of the headstock. Reverse the order to reassemble.
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all my tuner buttons have little screws that hold them onto the tuner. i simply remove them and put new ones on. any guitar shop should have hundreds of them lying around and will more than likely give you one or more. just bring yours in to match it up.
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