Maybe its just me, but it doesn't sound very bluesy.. I mean, there's minor pentatonic and blues notes, but it just doesn't sound like blues... Try a less metal tone I reckon, the intro sounded more like something out of a neoclassical solo guitarist album..

But on the all, i didnt hate it :-) it was pretty good, but i agree you should take this to the techniques section.
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I'll be honest, you should post this in the technique thread in the Guitar Techniques section so they can give you some advice because it was very sloppy. Some of it sounded nice though .


But thanks for the funny bit that starts at 2.45 .

LOL totally agree with you mate !!!!!!!
The funny bit starts at 2:31 lol

No affence it was funny try to work on your facial expression and use less over drive aswell
Some good licks though !!!!!!!