Hello all!
I've recently built a BC Rich Mockingbird looking kit. I'm going back and modifying some parts of it, and I want to invest in new tuning pegs (3 on each side). I've got locking tuners on my Strat and I absolutely love them. Does anybody have any recommendations for a specific brand of locking tuners? I've already looked into the tuners coming from Schaller, Sperzel, and Hipshot. Any input would be much appreciated!
Well if you want some good but inexpensive locking tuners, www.guitarfetish.com has a few different styles for $30ish a set. I have bough a set and they are absolutely fine tuners.

All the big companies make good tuners so really it is more of which you prefer the look of and the tuning ratio.
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Most of the trusted names make good locking tuners. I don't know if any are objectively better. I stray away from the Planet Waves one though. The self-cutting mechanism just seems like an unnecessary complication that can break.

I personally prefer manual locks to self-locking. Sperzel and Schaller with thumbscrew locks are my favorites, though Gotoh and Grover also make thumbscrew locking tuners.
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