I'm actually working on this unfinished pile of ideas. My main goal now is to compose a whole song that last more than 3 minutes and is still harmonious. I'm not already at the half of the project but I'd like some critics, opinions, etc. Technically the second part of the chorus is getting me some difficulties to play but I'm working on it, it's no big deal.

I try to sound death, core, technical, melodious (the perfect mix you would say lol)

C4C 4 sure!!!!
How to Kill a Child.gp5
The subject i imagined would be different ways chilhood is ruin nowaday plus adding a bit of gore to it. I thoigh it would be a good title because it dont let anyone indifferent. It would be seen from the eyes of childs being victims of something, each part of the song having its own issue. I dont hate kids i know the title might be offensive
Ah okay, when I first read it I interoperated as if it was an instructional if you know what I mean. Like "this is how to physically murder a child" but anyway it's okay my favourite riff is the last verse riff. The first verse riff is okay but cause it goes for 5 bars it's a bit weird on th ears. U shud add drums
thanks guys! I appreciate your comments. I didn't do drums because i suck at writing it so it'll way for now.