Hey guys, I'm wondering if anyone here can help me with my sound. I want to get the same tone and overdrive style that Wheatus have in their Classic single Teenage Dirtbag. From the sound of it they use a really heavily overdriven tone I think with low bass and a lot of treble but I cant seem to match it on my amp (Line 6 Spider IV 75) any help would be appreciated
New amp buddy. Spider in general isn't really the way to go (sorry that you dished out the cash for a 75watt). I'd recommend a Marshall or a Vox for that tone (as well as a guitar with Single-coil pickups). As far as trying to get that tone on a spider, maybe try under the 'Crunch' setting and go for the settings you described above. Maybe try to go no or very little reverb and that's it. Also, you said a lot of overdrive, but remember that most of the time it's a LOT less overdrive than you think. Try playing with your amp knob turned up, Gain not very high (so maybe amp 5, gain 3). That might get you closer.

Another option is to invest in a pedal board. Yes, this defeats the purpose of having effects built into your amp, but think of it this way: How good of quality could all of those effects be if they're all packaged into that tiny little head of my amp? The spider has what? 20+ effects? if I stacked 20 good quality effects pedals, they'd be about 5 times the size or more of the head of your amp. That's not good. That means that all of those effects are saved on to a microchip as opposed to being actually run through a legitimate effect.

Spider can sound good, but keep in mind that it's an amp modeler, not an actual amp with a pedal board running through it.

Sorry if it was harsh, but that's been my experience. I now use my Spider amp as an end-table to hold up my mixing board. it hasn't been powered up in 4 years.
Post this in the Ultimate Settings Thread in the Guitar Gear & Accessories forum, this is going to be closed.

But, a new amp would be a good start
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