The instruments were great, nailed the bass tone! The guitar and the rest of the instruments had nice tones and were mixed nice as well. I felt it was a tricky song for your vocal range maybe? Seemed like you were pushing your voice a lot to hit those notes and in some cases didn't quite make it. With some work you could definitely pull it off though. Always cool to see good collaborations with other instruments and that you're staying busy as always Big bang theory xD Keep it coming man!

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The opening angle could be better. I like the editing. I also like that your taking on things that challenge your vocal range. Honestly the vocals in this one need some work. The vocals are a bit to loud, plus the reverb might be up to much. The guitar player could use a better angle, I feel like Im about to be tea bagged... But its clean playing and nice. The vocals around the 4-4:30 area are pretty nice. Really nice actually.

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