Our style varies greatly from song to song, we are generally prog rocky, similiar to Porcupine Tree or mellow parts of Opeth, with a grunge influence. I'd be great if you could listen to the whole thing but if you're stressed for time here are my recommendations based on genre

Square One - bluesy rock
Insomnia, Vendetta - hard rock/metal
Lost Soul, Disclosure, Your New Low - alternative
Crimson City, Nostalgia - prog rock, lots of synth
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I really REALLY like your guys music. The verse? riff in Insomnia was really sick. I also really like the clean stuff in Nostalgia. I personally don't care for your vocalists voice. He has a good singing voice, don't get me wrong, but it's just not appealing to me, if that makes sense haha. But yeah, you guys have a really tight sound. I actually feel like I would really like this as instrumental stuff.