Which one of these 3 should I get? I'm a metal player, in the lines of thrash, Pantera and the occasional Dream Theater.
I've actually played the RG3XXV and I was very surprised by it, slightly considered buying it.

LTD 50/100 guitars aren't really much to write home about. If that's the limit of your budget, they're better than some alternatives, but if you can get an RG3XXV, I think it's clearly superior.

Especially when it comes to the trem - the Edge Zero II is way, way nicer than the FR Special.

EDIT: Just looked at the RG again and realized it has real DiMarzios. D Activator / Air Norton S. Yeah, absolutely no contest here. Blows the LTDs away.
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I'd go ibanez all the way. I haven't played either model ltd, but I have played the Ibby. It is a really nice guitar in that price range. I've wanted to buy one for awhile now just to add that color to the collection.
You are comparing $700 vs $300 guitars, hands down the Ibanez. I have no idea what sort of licensed floyd those LTDs have, but the Edge Zero II in the RG is pretty good.
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