Hello, this is my first post here, so i hope you guys help me choose the best for me

So i have a Jackson RR3 with tb4 bridge and sh-2n jazz neck pickups.

I kinda want a more 'metal' tone, so if i got EMGs, will i get that tone
[forbidden link]

Look at the pinch harmonics and that dirty tone, i want this tone, or more like early metallica tone, will changing to EMGs help?

I got a Blackstar HT-1R amp anyway
You have decent pickups. The amp is what is holding you back. Are emg's better? Its a personal preference to some degree. I have a pair on a drop tuned gibson SG and its my go-to droptuned guitar. But than i have another 15+ guitars with passives mostly gibson and ibby prestiges.

You need to learn what you like and go for there.
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I agree with the amp being the weak link in your tone. You want something with more overall power to get a better metal tone. You can possibly sell the amp onwards for a hundred or maybe even more if it's in good shape, and I presume you'd have at least 200$ saved for the pickups. With that 300$ or more you could even get an used 6505+ combo which would be a huge improvement.

EDIT: wait, I'm thinking in euros and changing the currency the wrong way... anyway, even if you can't find an amp like that you could still find a lot better amp by saving a little.
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get a cheap od pedal (e.g. digitech bad monkey) and use it as a boost.

or better amp ideally.

then get pickups if you're not sounding metal enough. a jb wouldn't be my #1 choice for metal but it'll do it at a pinch if the rest of your gear is suitable...
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It is also possible that the playing technique is lacking...just saying...

You don't have to go with actives, a compressor with a slight boost will pretty much give you the tone of actives.

If you want a high gain pickup and you don't care about other genres try the X2N, that one has a screaming mid range.
The links not working.

The TB4 is capable of Metallica. I have them in my Jackson. I also other guitars with EMG's. You may like the EMGs better but seriously, you should be saving for a better amp. Those pickups are fine.

Try and get the vid working, but unless it's the same amp you can't compare it to your setup.