I'm not sure if this in the right section but I've been playing for about 8 months and I'm finding i can comfortably switch between most major chords and I can play parts of a few songs, I've also just played my first decent sounding barre chord (B Minor), however i have no idea what to practice..

So my question is basically what should i be practising? I've just been playing the parts of songs that i know and trying to switch between chords that i can't quite change smoothly, If can get some kind of structure to my playing i think i'll get a lot better as i have no direction at the moment..

Thanks for your help!
With the songs that you know part of, you van try working on playing them completely. If there is a part in a song that is way beyond your current skill level, then either: (1) Leave the led lines for later or (2) Find an easier line. Also, you have a pretty god idea in mind. Just keep working on things you want to work on and needed to improve.

Tip: Learn the "Rhythm" parts first than the leads (or solos). That way, you can play the whole song and can work on the solo later when you can nail it better.
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What I would recommend is to try to switch between all the major and minor chords as quickly and as fluidly as you can, make sure there's no buzzing and your hand is comfortable with the transitions.