I'm Rook, this is my one man project, based around my home recording setup (the usual Axe FX2, Logic, Superior Drummer etc). I've been playing 8-11 years depending on how much of it you classify as playing and I started my own production about 18 months ago.

My style would mostly be considered 'Progressive' but I draw influence from all kinds of things, classical and romantic through jazz to modern metal bands and post-rock and prog bands.

Just last week I released my first EP which is available to download for free or pay what you want, it's also the first ever whole piece of work I've produced of any kind at it was entirely written and recorded by me in my back room.

Unfinity is a concept EP inspired by the birth of the Universe, of life, and by life's realisation of both itself and it's relative insignificance in the infinite. Written in a loosely symphonic form but based mostly around modern instrumentation, it was my attempt at exploring different atmospheres and emotions in music without it being 'atmospheric', and I tried to make it paint a picture.

itherook on bandcamp
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Thanks, I hope you enjoy
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