Hello all you people out here!

My band just released our first EP entitled ''Hangar Of Doom'' and we would like to share this with as many people as possible. The EP is online right now for free streaming, both on YouTube and Facebook. If you like what you hear we would like for you to like our facebook page on the following link.


We've worked hard this past year to get the songs ready, and we're very pleased ourselves with the result. The songs are recorded, mixed and mastered at Death Island Studio on Mors in Denmark, and the cover art is made by our dear friend All things Rotten.

Any kind of critique is welcome, especially if it is constructive! There might be some things that works, and some things that don't. Let us know so we can improve in the future

A link to the first song (including it's intro) is right here.

Many thanks for taking the time to listen to our music, we hope that you like it!

Many thanks from Velociter and I
I like the song, but if I would have to give you some criticism, I'd ask you to reconsider the drum solo around the 4 minute mark. It's cool, but it's just a little too long, if you want it to be that long - and I think it just sounds a bit misplaced. But if you would keep it, I'd say you should consider how it's played. Aside from that you guys sound good I'm from Copenhagen myself, and I'd love to check you guys out whenever you're out live