Here's a new song ive been working on , not sure about the end yet let me know what u guys think


for people who dont have guitar pro 6

> Unsung Heroes
Unsung Heroes.zip
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Oh, I didn't even check your username, started listening to the song and thought "Sounds like that guy who did 'In Flanders Fields'" Recognized your style immediately. Nice, very upbeat vibe! Again reminded me of Iron Maiden.

I love how you mixed different time signatures. And I have to say I liked this song even more than your previous ones, progressing ain't a bad thing
Really solid start. It sounded very weird on my program, though. Idk why, but the melody sounded way off. I figured how it sounded from the notes. Good stuff. A typical intro, but that's not a bad thing at all. By that I mean it's very solid.

By the way, I would've commented so much sooner but my guitar literally arrived through UPS during the middle of listening lol. Had to open it and tune it, and play it a little... can't help myself. :P

Anyways, back to the song. I agree with Zaqq, this definitely reminds me of Iron Maiden.

The "Break" as you have it called, at bar 49.

The verse is solid, you use a pretty predictable progression but it works (and honestly I don't really know what you could put here otherwise lol) nicely.

Chorus is actually a slower pace than the rest of the song, kudos to you, that nicely surprised me and the verse to next chorus wasn't any different but the overall effect was... awesome.

The bridge is okay, but somehow I feel like you're skipping notes in a logical progression. Bar 93 to 94 and to 95 sounds weird to me. I can't really explain why, I might be able to figure something out to maybe show what I mean, but I don't really know. It's still solid and doesn't take away from the piece, but I feel like it could be much more epic.

But the break / solos that follow... man, how do you do it? Haha. Sounds great.

The melody section then I must say is a very odd melody... but I love the feel it has. Really, I don't know how you do it, but that melody section perfectly builds the song back up enough to keep it going well through the rest of the song. Idk how you do it, but kudos again.

Outro is perfect. Like, really. You couldn't have done anything better there. Just like most of the song, really. :P

That was seriously just awesome, though. And sorry again about the delayed response (and sorry for not having any real constructive criticism) but I can't help that I pretty much loved the song, and my new guitar conveniently came in during the middle of listening to your song.

Your song is very good. Well constructed, you bring a lot of melodies and good rythm parts. The part where the lead come back in around 3:57 is pure magic. The only thing I'm not a fan of is the drum that sometimes is just not what I would've do but It's personnal tastes.

I also liked Elation. You are very talented to write music.

thanks for your crit on my song!
Here's my thoughts on Unsong Heroes:

Intro: I didn't like it til bar 17 where the drums came in. It sounded too much like a military march, but I guess that's what you wanted.

First solo: was awesome. Nothing to add here. 55-56 nice transition, works incredibly well.

Verse - Chorus: I would make this section shorter. Not much, but I don't think the chorus needs to be repeated. Better get to that awesome acoustic part ASAP hehe

The build up for the ending is really uplifting and good. I think this part til the end is where this song shines the most. I wouldn't change anything here. It's perfect as it is.

Overall it's pretty good, but after the third listen I still think that intro is just isn't worthy to introduce this song. My english is crap so I can't really explain why, it's just too manly and the rest of the song is more positive, energic, and is more approaching to me.

I'd rate it 8/10, everything else has been said before
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Hey man, as promised here's my crit (sorry it took me a couple days but just formatted my PC and did not have the RSE sounds installed yet and your songs really need them to sound awesome).

Intro: I really liked the intro with the guitars, good stuff but I'm mixed about the way drums are brought in.

Solo: The transition into this section is really smooth and the leads are very well done.

Break: Nice melody and pretty catchy. The way you do the riffs on the guitar is interesting, I really need to learn more techniques like these

Verse: Smooth transition again. This section doesn't seem to bring anything new but it's nice as a build up to the chorus

Chorus: Interesting chorus, it has a bit of a different feel to the rest of the song but fits well

Bridge: The note at bar 95 sounds weird to me, but the rest is very good

Solo: The first notes of the solo are a bit boring but then it picks up and sounds really good

Verse: This part is perfect, very good combination of guitars, sounds beautiful.

Melody: The melody is good but the guitar sound is a bit dull, love the way you transition to the next section.

Break: Good break

Solo: Loved this solo, this just sounds awesome man

Outro: I didn't like outro very much, sounded a bit dragged out, I'd shorten it a bit

Another very very good song. Everything I've heard from you is awesome, I've noticed myself humming some of your melodies the next day, especially in 'In Flanders Fields', so good job I guess

How long have you been composing and are you planning to record these songs?
Quote by tritao
How long have you been composing and are you planning to record these songs?

thx for the great replies guys i know im still learning and have not found my sweet spot yet , but then again it takes a lot of time and practice to get there.

ive been compsoing since i was about 15-16 , and im 24 now , and i just love making music and have a passion for it.

i think one of the most important things is to not let your ego get in the way and just understand that its long proces of getting better and better at it.

and yes i hope some day soon ill get a band together and create and album and maybe even play it live would be ****ing awesome. i am a guitaris myself and can play most of what i write , apart from most of the solo's

so if any of you are interested in starting a band even if its just to compose together that be awesome because i think that its very important to bounce ideas of of one another so it has the chance to grow into directions you normally dont think of when you compose on your own.

so if anyone of you want to create stuff together let me know though you would need GPX for it.

anyway thx a lot guys means a lot to me and ill try to make my next song even better.

cheers !
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Hey man,

thanks for your helpful comments on my modern metal piece. (:

I go along as I listen to your song:

The intro is sheer awesomeness. When I first heard it I felt like I was being put into Lord of he Rings or Game of Thrones. Nice "Build-up" with the drums kicking in, although I didn't expect them to do that at this point (thought it would be sooner or later).

Personally, I would have either left out the Solo in the beginning or I would have written it differently 'cause for me, it doesn't really stand out.

Then again, your break is awesome, I really dig your anthemic or epic kinda lead melodies.
Nice soundmixing in guitarpro, by the way.

Personally,I feel that the Verse should be the chorus and the Chorus should be the verse, cause I feel that the verse has more sort of density and climax to it.

Structurally, the change of verse-chorus-verse-chorus is not necessarily exciting but it works perfectly in this song so who cares.
Then again, the bridge kicks in and I wish that In Flames would finally start writing stuff like that again, but meh.

The break before the 2nd solo: Well, I do see your point calming down the melodic ride a little but for me it does not really work here, whereas the solo is great. love the acoustics in the background. and especially the alternative acoustic verse coming in which adds a nice progression to your song.

Again, not sure about the melody part coming in before the break ( bar 134).
The beak here definitely helps building the solo, the accents you put via drums and rhythm guitar also add a good variety.

I love the outro , I wondered how epic it might sound if you put some sort of " woahoo" vocals over that part, chanting along to the melody.

Well, Unsung Heroes is another masterpiece of yours, but it still has some tiny weaknesses that I would consider and maybe change. Still 9 / 10 !
Kinda reminds me of that Nordic kinda metal, like Suidakra, with a bit of Legend of Zelda stuff thrown in. A little bit too cheesy for my liking if I'm honest, but it's still pretty catchy, and the melodies are still nice. I liked the chords used throughout too.

The acoustic break onwards to the end was the better half of the song. Was really smooth how the acoustic guitar came in, and the sound felt rich still. The build-up starting at 3:55 did feel pretty epic, and the solo was going all so well until it just finished. Was a bit disappointed by the lack of that real high point of a solo.

When the entire song is building up to something you get high expectations for that climax so it's a bit of a shame when you don't quite get what you were expecting. But still, it's a well written song and I still enjoyed it regardless of it being cheesy, I just think you should work on the ending a bit.

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1602747


As I don't have gp6 i checked out the link on soundcloud.

Intro I like melodies ^^ so enough said about that, nice build up to the verse which starts around 1:10 i assume?

Verse Nice transition (all throughout the song tbh), seems like you have some experience.

I also really like how the acoustic flows in flawlessly.
Some parts remind me a little of Skyrim or something which is way awesome haha.

The ending was good, maybe throw in an acoustic part like you did around 3:04.

The intro has an epic feel that I really like, reminds me of the Skyrim theme lol, then the rest of the song keeps the epicness, but it sounds more original.

Some of the chord progressions like 1:16 caught me off guard, because I was expecting a different chord, and I definitely like that, it's very original and well thought.

I like how the rest of the song flows, pretty solid, though the outro sounds a little weird to me, but it's still original.

The solos are solid and not too overcomplicated, and keep that epic medieval vibe along with the 3/4 time.

Pretty good man! Thanks for uploading it to soundcloud too.
really amazing. I love the melodies. That part at about 4:10 with the lead guitar playing those arpeggio chord thing is really cool. sorry i cant open gpx files so i had to listen to the song on sound cloud. The thing i like the most is that nice fat power chords that plays well together with the rhythm of the drums.