Hi all, thought i would start a little bit of a mod thread for my guitar for something different. Whether anyone cares or not, im not sure.. but Im gonna have a bit of fun and do it anyway

A little bit of background info on the guitar- Its a 2006 Ibanez SA360FM electric guitar. Mahogany body with a set mahogany neck, flamed maple top and a rose wood finger board. The guitar is pretty versatile, with a HSS set up and a push pull volume control.

Only mods done so far are replacing the standard 'true duo' humbucker with a Seymour Duncan JB. This upgraded the guitars tone by leaps and bounds, basically making it sound like a completely different guitar. Definitely a breath of life into a tiring sound for me, as i have had the guitar since new but only changed the pickups less that a year ago.

Upon changing the humbucker and purchasing a new amp (Marshall JVM) i was faced with more problems.. As you do when you start fiddling haha

The stock pickups were completely unmatched for the JB and sounded terrible through my first tube amp. I love to play lead lines and sweeps on the neck pickup, but the standard vintage style single coil pickup just didnt do the guitar any justice.

After a couple of months i have finally saved up enough to get my hands on some new pickups and that is where my build begins..

I will be installing a DiMarzio Crunch Lab and an Air Norton S, as well as replacing the stock middle pickup with a S1 out of an Ibanez RG1570 prestige and installing a new DiMarzio 5 way toggle switch.

Also planning to do a couple of cosmetic mods such as swapping volume and tone knobs, pickup mounts and also considering blocking up the strat style trem as i dont really use it and would prefer the tuning stability and be able to change between dropped and standard tunings easily.

Really looking forward to hearing the new pickups, cant wait to see the transformation of the guitar.

There will be some comparison videos and pictures along the way, hopefully can encourage people to try swapping out pickups and chasing new tones.

Here is a quick pic of the guitar, will upload some better ones soon.

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You could always just put a bunch of springs and tighten the trem all the way down to block it.

If you're worried about tuning stability, you might want to look into locking tuners and a new nut.
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Thats definitely something I would consider. Ive got 4x springs in the back at the moment (pics to come), as im running 52s in dropped c# but could always tighten it right up i suppose.

Im not too keen to modify things in the respect that i have to hack up the guitar haha. Otherwise i would definitely look into getting a locking nut and keep the trem from floating. Tuning is not a huge issue for me, mainly changing between dropped tuning and standard is my biggest issue.

Another pic of the guitar and the back cavity with the 4x springs. Ive added a rubber band with a bread tie to minimise spring noise.
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