This is a black metal song I wrote about the end of the world...

The ground caves in
Sinking whole cityscapes
Architect's legacy
Molten amalgamation

Last spoken words
Fell on ears so deaf
Peculiar how they flail
In the face of certain death

Pure chaotic static
Colorless and manic
"This can't be happening"
The day of reckoning is here

Into this Terra tomb
Cavernous jaws await thine flesh

This befouled world
Buckles under the weight
Will no longer be burdened
By all your cruelty and the waste

Now you shall reap what you've sown
The reign of man is over
Women and children won't be spared
Complete human extinction

Welcome to your earthen grave
Descend into funeral pyre
Arrogance of man
To claim mastery over the wild

Little light in fearful eyes
So easily dimmed black, expired
No evidence left behind
You'll disappear into obscurity

And no one will
Mourn your end

March proudly to your doom
Into the earthen womb
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