Jackson have added new models to their JS series and X series, and the catalog can be seen here.

I'm particularly interested in the JS32, looks like a typical Jackson Dinky, with the sharkfin inlays, binding, pickup rings and a double-locking tremolo. These are available at a rather low (MRP $400, but online retailers likely to sell it at $300) price, and come with stock Jackson pickups and a Jackson tremolo similar to Floyd Rose, but without the LUFRP stamp. Interestingly, these new JS-series models are in basswood, and not cheap cedro, and also have an arch-top design, and the necks are graphite-reinforced. And it's also available in a non-black, non-white finishes, with some quilt maple (veneer?) top variants. Apparently these are coming from the same HMI factory in southern India that also manufactures the basswood X-series guitars. It's a very fresh launch, so it will be a while before shops get some units. They have the look, so I wonder how much further they can go with pickup and bridge upgrades.

And there's a neat transparent green finish for that X-series 8-string soloist. It has a Green Lantern-ish feel. Hopefully we'll see it (or variants of it) on more models. Of course, many still wish for alder/mahongany body/wings on the X-series.
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I just prefer Jackson and possibly Ibanez. I find ESPs to be overpriced, and am not at all comfortable with their branding/pricing structure. Given a choice, unless there's a mahogany-bodied Ibanez RG, I'd opt for a Jackson.

Let's just hope the first batch comes out good in stock condition, because if they're that good, there's plenty of money to be saved for the Pimp-My-Dinky brigade.
Surely the Licensed Floyd Rose can be swapped with an OFR? The real concern with these guitars will be the wood and the wood routing- if there's a problem with either, there's a problem with the whole guitar.

So maybe we can let this pass and stretch our budget for the Jackson SLX(Q/T)?

p.s. I have no experience with Floyd-style tremolo-equipped guitars as I have never owned one
You know, I'm actually quite impressed by some of those JS32s. They really do look the part moreso than the older JS range. If they've got playability to go with the looks, Jackson could do pretty well for themselves in the beginner's market.