Hey everyone,
My friend posted a similar thing a couple of months ago and had great returns, don't mean to break the rules but I thought you can't get what you haven't asked for

A lot of people build basic pedals (really budget projects) or even buy old pedals and years down the line, maybe decades, they still have old unwanted gear. That said a lot of stuff is given away like in my local charity shop. I was wondering if anyone had any old unwanted, useless (to them) gear which they may not wish for.

No, I'm not begging/stating im poor/trying to get banned, this is a serious post to a jobless needy kiddo (:L) My friend posted out about old gear people don't want and a couple weeks later has a basic pedalboard which is all old 20/30 year old pedals which people didn't want. Considering I have none I thought I'd give it a try and see if anyone bites.

Nothing lavish, nothing expensive, perhaps even cabling or rubbish board material like cases, and I hope I haven't broken any rules because I just read the ruleboard and it looks like there wasn't anything here against trading/giving/selling items.

Thanks very much,
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Actually it is against the rules. Check out the buy/sell/trade section for this kind of thing

o dayum, didnt see that one. So it would be fair to say I could move this post to that section? Thanks!