So I've been thinking of replacing my Epiphone humbuckers with something a bit more elegant, but Im not really sure if its worth it, so I was wondering if someone could explain if there is a significant difference in sound quality. I play a lot of soft/classic rock, blues rock and a lot of psychedelic 70s rock. I have an Epiphone explorer I think its from around the 90s and a Vox VT80+

What do you think the best pickup is? (humbucker)
I would go with something like a PAF style humbucker or a P-90

If you do not want to spend a lot of money www.guitarfetish.com has some very nice pickups for very cheap.
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I 2nd GFS Pickups.

I put a set of the hot Lil' Killers in my MIJ Strat, and I was super impressed.

They're quiet, and actually made my strat a little beffier then my LP, and they only cost me something like $50 new, for the set.

I liked them so much that I think that I'm going to buy a set for my Tele.
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