Hi all:

So while I was home this summer I took it upon myself to build DIY pedalboard. I finished it with my dad this past week and it looks awesome. Did a "dry run" yesterday by plugging the Voodoo Lab PP2+ into the wall, saw the power supply had power and the pedals had power so I thought "all good." But when I went to play it today, there was a hissing sound and no real music sound from the guitar. I cranked the volume and used the BOSS CS-3 to manage to get a very faint sound from it. Now I am really stumped. I have the PP2+ connected as I was supposed to, using the center-negative cables (9V DC). Yet there is just a hissing sound from the amp.

I left outlets 5 and 6 open (they are for powering twin pedals or Line 6 Pedals). I have a BOSS RC-30 looper on the board, but do not have a "y-connector" for the outlets 5&6 necessary to power this pedal from the PP2. So, I used a PSA adaptor I had sitting around.

So here's what I think might be wrong:

- Incorrect plug used (PP2+ comes with "barrel" connectors of center-negative, also some "straight" or "pin" connectors, and some battery snaps.), meaning that one of my pedals is blown somewhere. I'm unsure if that's the culprit as all my pedals use 9V DC (with the exception of the BOSS that use the PSA adaptor...perhaps this is the problem? I read in the PP2 manual that the barrel connectors are good to use with PSA, and that only ACA requires a different cable).

Some sort of a problem with the electrical routing? The circuit is good as it does produce a very faint sound so there is sound getting through.

- That's all I can think of.

for reference, this is the circuit:

Guitar --> BOSS NS-2 --> Empress Fuzz ---> DOD death metal distorition --> back to the "return" of the NS-2 --> MXR Carbon Copy --> EQD Ghost Echo --> BOSS RC-30 --> AMP (Fender Deluxe Hot Rod)

Any information/insights/clarification is greatly appreciated! I spent a ton of time and money on this project and would hate to see it go to waste!
You sure it isn't the amp? Very faint sound/hissing sounds like you've blown a power tube. I stepped on my fuzz once and blew a power tube, and that is exactly what I heard afterwards...

If thats not it, do you have room to route each pedal directly to and from the amp? So your just going amp-pedal-guitar? Then you can quickly find which pedal is the problem if thats the case... or if they all work, you'll know its a routing problem
Start guitar in your amp first and add one pedal until you find the culprit.
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^ this. Plus check all your leads as well.
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Well I sure feel stupid, I went back yesterday and isolated all of the pedals and they all worked fine. However I did notice one patch cable wasn't quite inserted fully. I re-inserted and now no problems. I really hope this wasn't the problem the whole time because I feel like I should have noticed...

Thanks everyone for this!