Hello everyone. As the title says, please help me choose a good tube amp. I've been playing for over a year now and I feel I've outgrown my Fender Mustang. Please recommend a good tube amp for around $150-200. My styles of music are mainly classic rock eg. Ozzy, GN'R, Richie Sambora, Clapton. I was looking at the Vox AC4 head and cab or the combo. It's either that or the Crate V18. Must be able to be heard over a drummer as I plan to start a band in the future. Thanks.
Are you okay with buying used?

Whats your closest city?
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I would save a bit more. An extra hundred bucks outs you in a much better position. If you would wait even more for the $400-500 you have huge selection of used amps to choose from.
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The used market in my country is much more overpriced than in say The US. Willing to buy used if I can get a good deal. I'm going to move so I'm selling all my gear and getting new stuff.