Hi Guys, the thing is that as a guitarrist I need things that are portable: easy to set up and easy to carry, so I've been doing some research and found out about Line 6 Pocket Pod and I liked it because Its decent sounding and you can plug directly into PA, but the only problem is that sometimes I need to change effects in the same song, so It doesnt cover that need, after that, I was considering one of the Line 6 Pod HDs, that you can also plug directly into the PA, but they are a bit expesive for me at the moment, and are definetly a lot bigger than a pocket POD, so the question is do you know any other products similar to these ones ( maybe other brands ) that you can plug directly into PA, and are portable? Thanks in advance for your help!
Look at a POD XT/X3 Live. You will have to go used, but they are still good modelers. The XT will run you $125ish and the X3 runs $150+ used.
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Rob nailed it. If you can find an HD whatever floor model it would be best. The 300 and 400 go for 200-250. The 500 still goes for 300 or more used.

Check you local craigslist or GUitar Centers used site.
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