Hey guys, I am a jazz/ fusion guitarist, looking to improve my tone. Today I purchased a Vox AC15C1 and a RAT distortion pedal. I am quite happy with my tone but feel it needs some improvement. I need some advice on pedals to add to my setup. Any advice you guys can give me would be awesome. I am looking for buy an EQ pedal, as I was told every guitar player should have one in their setup. I also like a bit of chorus in my sound but not looking to spend heavy money on it. The reverb on the Vox is weak in my opinion, so I would be looking to buy a pedal for that as well. Any brand you guys recommend? I am also looking for anything that can "thicken," or "brighten," my tone if such a thing is even possible. I want to spend as little money as possible in the end of all this. Any advice you can give would be amazing. Thanks!
Congrats on the new gear. It mightn't hurt to check out the Wampler Dual Fusion. Was designed for Tom Quayle who is a fusion guitarist. He get's some pretty nice thick tones out of it from the demos I've heard. They are a little more expensive but used they shouldn't cost too much. As for reverb the Neunaber Wet get's great reviews.
+1 for the Dual Fusion, i've tried one in-store through a blackstar ht-5, got some really nice fusion tones from it.

Also, with regards to the EQ pedal you mentioned, are you buying it just because someone told you to? If you don't really know what you want to get out of a pedal, it's probably because you don't need it. Just saying.

Also, happy new gear day!
I wouldn't worry too much about an EQ pedal. Chorus, a compressor and perhaps something like the Boss/Roland Space Echo should cover your bases adequately.
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tubescreamer, maybe.
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If you want to go for a cheap chorus/reverb/whatever else, try joyo.

Marcmart.com had pretty neat prices, and the pedals are really good for the money.

They are also copies of other pedals mostly, so you can just buy a copy of the TS-9 for $35.
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