Hey everyone, I'm just wondering what you would do in this situation.

Basically, I'm a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, and I've written, recorded and produced an album's worth of material, and intend to do more as well as do some live shows. The thing is, in recording my album I've worked with a singer, because I can't sing to save my life. I've also collaborated with a drummer and lead guitarist on a couple of tracks.

So the question is, should I promote this under my own name, or use a band name/stage name etc? I'm thinking like the early days of Porcupine Tree, where it was all one guy but using a band name, before the rest of the band was filled out.

Furthermore, the singer is female, and I don't know if it would be sensible to promote the project under my own name, because people may automatically assume that the singer would be male (which isn't unreasonable really). I guess it could just be a bit offputting. But I'm aware of people doing that kind of thing before, like Calvin Harris working with female singers etc.

I should also point out that every creative decision in the project is down to me, so it's not really a 'collaborative' project per se, it's literally just that I can't sing so I've had someone do it for me, and a drum part I wrote was too hard for me to play so I had a friend do it. They haven't done any decision making. The only thing I haven't done is one guitar solo with a guest guitarist.

So, I'd really appreciate your thoughts on this.

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It's probably best to discuss this with your prospective bandmates.

What exactly do you write? Just the guitar parts? Or do you write the lyrics and singing lines too?
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is there any chance these people might become bandmates or was it clear it was just a one time thing?

If it was a one time thing, make sure you put their names in the liners with the proper credits but after that, do what you want. I'd say either use your name or the name of the band you're thinking of starting so you already have some material.

If they're future bandmates then totally a band name
Well the singer I was working with did the whole album, but I've since moved to the other end of the country so it's highly unlikely we'll be working together again. I've already got all the credits for the album written, that's all done properly.

I'm considering getting a band together to play the stuff live, but it's unlikely to be on a permanent basis. Again though, I don't know if it should be under my name since I won't be the frontman, just the bandleader.

I wrote all the parts for every song, including vocals and drums. The other musicians on the album just did exactly what I told them.
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Sounds like you've got a very Nine Inch Nails vibe going on.

Give the project a name. Naming it after yourself will possibly cause confusion.
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jeff beck group was fronted by rod stewart and others over time, not jeff beck. spencer davis group was basically fronted by steve winwood although also by steve. derek trucks band is fronted by mike mattison with derek on lead guitar. robin trower has a singer, but the albums are called robin trower. kenny wayne shepherd has a singer as well.

i could go on, but the point is it's not out the ordinary to have a project named after someone who isn't the singer/front man. if you wrote the songs then there really isn't a problem.....unless that singer wants to use those songs. but i'm assuming that isn't the issue?