Hey guys, I've been playing on and off for a long time. I'm basically an advanced beginner, I know most of the common chords and barre chords. I can play decently fast on about four solos haha, and I just learn random parts to songs that I like. I usually get bored because I end up playing the same little solos over and over or the same riff. I have the essential elements books on guitar music reading and I'm on book two. So I'm wondering:
Are there a list of things I can learn in order?
For example, the next group of chords to learn. Scales ( I only know that one that everyone knows it's the Am pentatonic). Basically I don't know how to practice. Is there a site that gives a schedule on what to learn, and an order to learn it? I need some organization haha. Thanks guys.

By the way, I like lots of different styles of music. I will mostly play metal, but I also would love to play some classical guitar, improv, and some jazz stuff.
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