Hi guys,

After years of spying on the other forum members I've decided to join in.

I'm not really in the market for any new gear at the moment - having to save up for a new car first - but GAS is a terrible thing and I found myself looking at a Vox AC model lately.

Although my stock fender BDRI is a great amp - just might need a new speaker and a pot replacement - I want a nice British amp as well. I'm just worried that the AC30 might be overpowered for my needs. I'm planning to join a new band next year but won't be playing major gigs anytime soon. Just rehearsals and maybe the odd small bar gig. I'm afraid that, if I want power amp breakup, the AC30 might have too much headroom in this situation. So maybe an AC15 Twin might be interesting? The AC15C1 was a bit "thinner" than the full size AC30 but maybe the second speaker might solve that?

You guys have any experience with the Twin?
An Orange might also be a contender - I played a Tiny Terror recently and loved the warm cleans and tight crunch. Great range of sounds at bedroom volume too, which is DEFINITELY a plus. What threw me off was the lack of fx loop and the fact that it was just a bit too "muffled". But an AD30 or an OR15 might be exactly what I need?

Fyi, musical influences include QOTSA,Black Keys,White Stripes,Nick Cave,
Wolfmother,Tame Impala,Arctic Monkeys,Portishead,Cold War Kids, Seasick Steve... + all Classic 60s/70s rock.

Any thoughts are appreciated!


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Oh and...

I know this is all subjective of course, and these threads have no use whatsoever (finding the right amp is ALWAYS trial and error to me) - but isn't it fun discussing all these goodies while you're at work ?
Depends on how loud your drummer is.
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I think the ac30 might be overkill. ( my 40W fender hot rot defenitly is) the other guitar plager in my band usesses a 15W head wich is perfect for band practice and even gigs. I'd say try the ac15
do you think you might want sparkling cleans as you play with the drummer? If yes and you have a loud drummer, you might be dissapointed by the AC15, especially if it's the 1 speaker model. They're making a 2 speaker version that might be more up your alley...

If you can afford the AC30, I'd say go for it. It's likely to be the last amp you buy in your life
I have an AC15C1 and love it - it'll handle the music of the bands you listed.
It's also loud enough to be heard over a drummer.

There's no Effect Loop on the C1 - I'm not sure whether the Twin has onen but the AC30 does.

When I bought it, I was also looking at the Twin but went for the C1 instead as it
is smaller and lighter than the twin so easier to transport for gigs it was also about £70 cheaper than the twin.
It has connectors for an extension cab if you later decide you want 2 speakers instead of one.

Also on the subject of speakers - Vox have recently announced a version that comes with Celestion Blue back speakers instead of the Green backs (the AC15C1X) I have the greenback version and I'm happy with it but I know a lot of people prefer the blue back speakers so that might be something worth looking at if you're thinking of buying new.
Hey thx for the info everyone. I'm starting to like this forum already

For the moment I'm bandless so not sure how loud my future drummer will be. I like the AC30 clean sounds, but I like it even more when it's on the verge of breaking up. Of course full-on distortion at practice levels is not my goal either.
When I need real clean sounds I can still A/B with my 40 watt Fender.

In a perfect world I'd buy an AC30 for sure but the BDRI is quite loud already and I'd like to have some power amp overdrive at "manageable" levels. The second speaker in the Twin (was thinking 'bout swapping one speaker for a blue and keeping one greenback) would sure beef up the sound as well, but now I'm bummed that it doesn't have an fx loop... Thanks for the heads up Wez-84!!

Maybe the Orange OR-15 with a 2x12 cab is more up my alley then... Guess I'll have to try and find out Second option, ditch the BDRI and get an AC30 instead.

Any experience with the or15 anyone?
Check out the Bugera BC30. It has a half-power switch and an effects loop. I personally like it a lot but it's not a AC30 or a DC30. It has some of their characteristics but it has a unique tone.
That Bugera seems very interesting! This one has an fx loop I see

Actually I'm very pleasantly surprised by the price of the thing, I was expecting prices à la Matchless...

This is one I gotta try... If I can track it down here in Belgium that is. Thanks for the tip!