Hi guys

Me and my band are starting rehersals in a rehersal studio and are hoping to use a backing track with the PA available.
We have no bass player as of yet so this would be very helpful.

I understand so far...
1) Create an Mp3 stereo file from garageband or logic.
2) Pan the left side as the click track for the band members and right for the audience.
3) Im stuck on 3 haha. How do I make it so the band members or at least only the drummer hears the click???

Thank you.
Put the left into the monitors and the right into the mains.

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uhhhhhh.. This might be complicated. Why is there an audience?

Get yourself a 3.5mm to stereo 1/4" cable.

Plug the music playing device into the 3.5mm end of the cable. I'm assuming that the panning of the click track was done in your DAW and is now mixed into the actual stereo track.

Figure out which of the 1/4" jacks on the other end of the cable corresponds to the left and which one is the right channel.

Plug the left channel jack into an unused channel on the mixing board. Plug the right channel jack into another unused one. Don't plug them both into a stereo input on the mixer, because the goal here is to separate the signals, not mix them together.

This next part depends entirely on how the rehearsal space equipment is wired together.
I recommend going to the channel on the board where you put the click track (left channel) jack, and making sure that the gain knob and fader is completely down. This prevents the click from going out the main outputs of the mixer.

Make sure that the channel of the mixer that you assigned the actual music to has it's fader and gain knobs at reasonable levels, and turn up the master fader up to unity gain. If the PA speakers are coming directly out of there, you should hear the music.

Now ask the staff there if they have any extra wedge monitors. Ask them to help you wire them into the board if you need help. They will be connected via an AUX (probably AUX 1).

Turn up the AUX knob on the mixer on the channel that contains the click track as well as the Master AUX knob (if there is one). Now the signal from that track will not go to the master PA speakers, but will instead go through the AUX that the wedge monitors are set to so you can aim them at yourselves and the audience need not hear it. This can also be done in the same way with IEMs (in-ear monitors)
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My band has used a click track live for the past few years and tried and failed at numerous points with different setups.

My advice would be to get a small mixer with a headphone output and at least one aux output for your drummer.

Pan the track on the playback device hard left and hard right. Get a cable that splits the signal and plug it into two seperate channels on the headphone mixer.

Whichever channel has the backing track, turn up the aux output volume and send this to the sound guy.

Now your drummer has control of how much backing track and click track he hears, without the need to deal with a soundguy. We tried sending things back from FOH before and there was always problems with forgetting to unmute a channel or suddenly turning up the click track, deafening our drummer.