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Quote by ted777
Does anyone use guitar pro?

Also is it easy to use for beginners? Thanks
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Yes, Guitar Pro is quite popular here at UG.

What do you mean by easy to use? If by learning existing tabs... yes, it's easy. If by making your own tabs... no, it will not be easy for beginners.

In order to properly tab in Guitar Pro, you're going to have to have (or be willing to gain) an understanding of standard notation. It's not easy like tabbing in text, where you don't have to specify tempos, time signatures, and note lengths.
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If you're interested in seeing what it's about, try Tux Guitar which is free and has almost all of the same features. http://tuxguitar.herac.com.ar/download.html
You can open, edit and create Guitar Pro files with it. You should definitely try it if you're interested in learning from tab, also a great tool to start writing your own music.