I submitted a tab the other day and just discovered it was declined, when I then clicked on it, it was not how I submitted it, 'twas in a different format,
I created the tab on my ipad using Ido notepad. When I submitted it first, some of the lines where out slightly, I then fixed these using the update tool, which I updated about 20 times if this makes a difference,
Anyway it looked fine but the rejected tab on my profile was nothing like wha I submitted, it was a mess

I've resubmitted it if smoeone could look at it for me and see if it looks ok now, it's called the indifference of heaven by warren zevon, tabbed by skilly1, I just resubmitted it 5 mins ago if that helps

Hi there.

As it turns out, you are experiencing the exact same glitch I've had troubles with myself. I made a thread about it too.


It's something that should definitely not be happening, but it can't really be helped. You can tell because you should not be getting a pop-up at all when you click a denial link. There's nothing you can do about it except to keep submitting it.

Also, I looked at your tab and also noticed that part of your tab is way too wide. When it gets too wide, it wraps around over to the next line, making it looked all jumbled. But it's only one part, which would be the fourth set (the set with the * in it).

You'l need to use your ear to get a feel for the rhythm, these are just the fingerings of each chord

See where the d is? That right there is the exact end of the line you cannot tab past, or else it will wrap over. Just shorten that one set to before that d. It might help you get past the glitch. Although I'm not sure if that line comes out straight on your iPad app.
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Cheers mate

I read your thread yesterday, great post, glad to know someone else is in the same boat as me, im thinking it would be easier for me to use my folks pc, copy what I've got to word as my iPad app doesn't seem to be in A4
Actually, does anyone know of an app I can use to make tabs on the ipad which ar in the right format to submit here on UG?