Hi All,

I'm about to buy a VOX AC30 amp and I was wondering if anyone is using a Zoom G5 as a effect pedal with this Amp and if you have any recommendations and/or patches to use with this amp. More interested in adding overdrive for lead etc.

start as simple as it goes with a Boss DS-1. I play through a tiny terror and tried a bunch of tube screamer and tube screamer style overdrives but for whatever reason to me, the DS-1 just sounded better. That's me and my preferences. The AC30 isn't too uncommon of an amp, try and find a shop that will let you test a few pedals out if you can and see what sounds best to you. It's nice to get recomendations from people, but i can't stress enough, just go n test em out and see what works best for you. Best of luck!