Hey, so I've had a set of pickups installed in my strat like a year+ ago (Fender 57-62's) and they've worked great up until now. The bridge pickup was working fine and then all of a sudden just died. I tested it with a meter and it read a solid 5k Ohms with no jumps or anything. I then remelted all the joints relating to the pickup (tone, volume knobs and switch points) and the wiring looks fine and cleaned the switch out with contact cleaner. Still doesn't work. Am I missing something or does someone know what would cause this? I'm at the point of just breaking down and taking it into a shop at this point.

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If it has a PCB style blade switch then the contacts may be wearing out. Its also possible with a traditional style switch but isn't as likely because they are made so much better.
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Thanks for the advice! Yeah, it's a regular 5-way. I may just pick one up and swap it out. Not that expensive around here.