I am in a position where I have to sell my Mesa Boogie Mark V combo due to financial reasons and a new living situation is going to require me to be silent a lot of the time, but that isn't stopping my need to play guitar and record.

My options have been narrowed down quite a bit after some recent research. It seems like the best options out there for my situation narrow down to the Pod HD500x or an Eleven Rack (but I am up for other alternatives if you guys want to throw some ideas at me!)

I had a Pod XT Live back in the day, and it was okay for what it was but the amp modeling was weak on it IMO and I have yet to even touch the newer series like the HD 500 or HD 500X or the Eleven Rack.

I will be playing into my PC with monitoring speakers occasionally and monitoring headphones the other half of the time and I currently have a Saffire 6 USB interface if needed for this.

I typically play progressive rock/metal (think band sounds like Dream Theater, Symphony X, Circus Maximus, Kamelot, among others). I use an Ibanez S520EX with modded Dimarzio pickups and a Gibson Explorer with active EMGs.

Any opinions are welcome!
Hey, if recording and playing at home is all you need take a look at the POD HD Pro, I think it's identical to the POD 500 just in a rack housing, much more convenient. The POD and Eleven Rack do sound pretty similar, I have limited knowledge of the Eleven Rack and I am saving up myself to get a POD HD Pro and a power amp for live use.
there's nothing new in the HD500x over the HD 500,. it's just a new case and new lights on the foot switchers. I've got a XT and a X3 line6 and just got a eleven rack and have used my brothers HD 500 (for maybe a combined time of maybe 2 weeks for recording and playing)

IMO Eleven rack all the way, I have a X3 as a footswitch to the Eleven rack and do use the 5150 in my presets ( the eleven as well as the HD500 don't have that Amp model ) and I have to say the eleven Does make the X3 sound better.

Eleven simulates just sound better and has the feel of Tube amps it just feels like a real amp the difference for me well I was alittle shocked!! nothing like HD 500 far FAR better, I was going down the path of VST plugins etc I have revalver , Ampfarm2, Guitar Rig 4 & 5, GTR 3, about $250 invested in Amplitude (Metal & Hendrix ++) ( plus some I may have forgotten to list) And all the free ones using revalver as a host in Protools.

I've stop using them all and replacing or re-amping my tracks using Eleven.
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