I love AC/DC. Angus Young belts out amazing solos and the whole bands' sound is incredible. No synths or anything. It's awesome!
I like it because it's loud and they don't give a shit.

kinda like "we're gonna play the same 4 chords in every song and you're gonna sit there and love it"

"Yes sir, may I have another?"
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This is terrible advice. Even worse than the useless dry, sarcastic comment I made.

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I'm too old for the Jim Morrison look now. When I was gigging I had a fine arse.
I can't tell you how many hours I spent trying to figure out how Angus made his vibrato so intense. Of course, I've played 10s my whole life. Then I learned he plays 9s. Strung a tele up with 9s and was suddenly able to match it. Felt like a ****ing boss!