i ran across a Yamaha FG512 12 string at a local pawn shop the other day. it's a little beat up but it's solid without any cracks, neck is straight without warps.
solid indian rosewood back and sides. solid spruce top. Hog neck.
it needs a good cleaning and some new strings. i'm debating on wether or not it's worth the 50 bucks and the energy to clean it up. has anyone had/played one of these?
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
I can't speak for that particular model, but of the few Yammy's I own... I would try and haggle the price down and buy it. If it sounds decent with old strings and whatnot... Pay the $50.00 if the pawn broker won't give you any wiggle room.

There's nothing like the sounds you can get from a decent 12. I own 3 of them myself - yet none are Yamaha's. All my Yanmmy's are 6's and they are fairly top shelf acoustics. More like a good old Gretch... prior to Fender of course.

Buy it - I would
thanks Bill. i'm probably gonna go pick it up when i get back home. for the money, i can't lose. even if i don't like it, after a little love it should still sell for 150 if i don't like it.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)