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I managed to get the link to work, it's here btw:


Now, what you have is a serviceable guitar tone... that REALLY needs some proper mixing. As soon as more than one guitar part comes in the whole thing is unlistenable and there is way too much bottom end in general. You should look at taking some of the bottom end off with a high pass filter in what ever you're recording with and panning your guitar parts. It's very hard to judge the actual writing of the riffs when it's almost impossible to listen to them in the first place.
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Really truelly it sounds like a peavey bandit w blown 8" speaker and a really lousy overdrive pedal plugged into some crappy pups....seriously....lol.....I'd like to hear the riff with a decent recorded tone ....Just sayin.....
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The non-chorus riffs are kind of rough to be typical metalcore. I'll have to give you points for doing something different instead of Slaughter riff-melodic chorus-Slaughter riff-chorus like some people here do. Tune down two steps and you've got some decent deathcore.
The drums, when they're added, will make or break this. If you can make some atypical patterns (maybe with some basic polyrhythms in the cymbals and snare) that work out, that would add so much to this. Some rhythmic chaos, but in a way that still keeps time.
The arrangement will be important too. You don't have a song right now, you have about four riffs which could be arranged into part of one. Your best bet is probably to go full deathcore, and have that last riff (you know, the one where the guitars should be panned to different sides so they don't sound godawful) be the most melodic point of the song. Maybe as a bridge?