So I've got a grand scraped together and looking to buy something nice. I've always wanted an SG so those are what I'm looking at. Having a second octave with 24 frets is something I've gotten used to over the years and noticed that the tribute models have 24 frets, while the studios and standards dont.

Been looking around in my area, I've hit up 2 guitar centers and another large music store and no one has one to try out. Im curious if anyone around here has one or has played one and would care to give an opinion about it. Is it up to par with a studio or standard? I play standing 90% of the time, so did it tend to neck dive or was it balanced? The discription says gloss nitro but the pic looks more like a semi-gloss... which is it?

I have never bought a guitar without playing it first but I'm starting to think it may be my only option.

Thanks for any help.
The 2012 tribute series were excellent guitars at the blowout prices. Right now the various SG models are being dumped on Amazon for $500–$600. I would not pay $900 for a tribute series guitar. The overall build quality is excellent and the parts they use on those guitars are great. But the paint jobs are cheap and the fretwork isn’t what it should be for that price. Sharp fret ends, the polish is not smooth (strings will feel heavier than they are), and buzzy spots are common on the tributes. And the nuts are cut too shallow and too narrow. So at <$600 clearance pricing they’re a good deal, but a $700 Korean guitar will be finished better with a better paint job.
It seems they have changed them for 2013. the $5-600 guitars are different than the new ones. The finish on those looks more like the faded series they did a year or 2 back. The new ones look better, and they advertise a nitro gloss finish. I really need to find one before I buy, the gc store locator says theres another one about an hour away.